Blind and partially sighted

When Voice Over mode is activated, the application adapts to the use of the blind and partially sighted.

Entrance platform

If you need an entry platform to enter the bus, you can see the possibilities of the entry platform for the bus.

Live bus arrivals and timetables

Follow the arrival of buses at each stop live.

Track bus trips

Get on the bus, look at the stops visited and follow the stops that follow.

Our BlindBus Team

Matej Pečnik

Lead developer and father of BlindBus.

Edvard Vodovnik

Conceptual leader and one of the few blind computer masters.

Mirsad Zejnić

Bus driver and an indispensable part of the team.

Do you want to support us?

The entire development of the application is done completely on a voluntary basis.

However, there are costs involved in maintaining software, purchasing servers, domains, purchasing licenses, devices, and development tools.
Scan the QR code below or press the button below and donate for development!

We will dedicate the entire proceeds to the development of BlindBus and strive to further improve the mobility of the blind and visually impaired.

Contact us

Are you interested in more about BlindBus or would you like to tell us something? Send us a message!

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