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Usage of reCAPTCHA

In order to protect the input forms on our website, we utilise the "reCAPTCHA" service from the company Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 United States, hereafter also referred to as "Google". With this service, we can differentiate between information that has been entered into a form by a human and information that has been entered by an automated machine. The use of automated information entry constitutes misuse. To the best of our knowledge, the referrer URL, the IP address, the behaviour of website visitors, information about the operating system, browser and length of the visit, cookies, display instructions and scripts, the inputting behaviour of the user as well as the mouse movements in the reCAPTCHA checkbox area are transmitted to Google. Google uses the information obtained in this manner in order to, among other things, digitise books and other printed products as well as to optimise services such as Google Street View and Google Maps (e.g. house numbers and street name identification). The IP address transferred by reCAPTCHA is not commingled with other data by Google unless you are logged-in to your Google account at the time when you are using the reCAPTCHA plug-in. If you want to prevent this transfer and storage of data by Google about you and your behaviour on our website, you must log out of Google before you visit our website and/or use the reCAPTCHA plug-in. The information obtained via the reCAPTCHA service is used in accordance with Google's Usage Terms and Conditions: